Only you can hear your radio with the versatile EH-EPT-1000 earpiece. The EH-EPT-1000 eartube earpiece is designed for use with remote speaker microphones (RSMs) that require a 2.5mm headphone plug.  The EH-EPT-1000 earpiece features a 2.5mm angled headphone plug and short, coiled cable. Top quality electronics deliver bright, clear sound.

The EH-EPT-1000 is part of the versatile EarHugger™ T-Series™ line of acoustic tube earpieces and is configurable for a variety of situations, noise levels and use cases. The T-Series™ features an interchangeable acoustic tube system and ear inserts which are compatible with most industry-standard acoustic tube earpiece accessories.

The soft, silicone tubing connects the speaker to your ear for a comfortable and discreet fit. Use the open ear insert for situations when you need to hear both your radio and your surroundings. Use the the mushroom bud in noisy paces where you need to hear your radio clearly. The patented EarHugger™ frame helps hold the tube securely and comfortably in place when you need added support and is easily removed when not needed for a lower-profile appearance.

A complete accessory kit is included at no additional cost, with extra tubes, open ear inserts, mushroom bud and over-ear frames.

The T-Series™ earpiece is available in long or short cord for connection to your RSM or radio. Plug and connector options include 2.5mm, 3.5mm and several manufacturer-specific plugs.


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